Laser Direct Imaging LDI series

Leading Laser Direct Image solution provider

Advantools LDI Tyche 80 and Tyche 90 adapt to HDI, FPC and Flexible PCB Sample, QTA and high volume manufacturing, enable customer the advantage of high efficiency and low cost when facing fierce competition.

Automation line can produce maxim 5000 PCS per day

  • Local alignment for flexible segmentation
  • Modes of fixed scaling and flexible local -scaling
  • Scaling SPC
  • Substrate distortion compensation
  • Stamp and Coding capability
  • Fully Automation line compatible

LDI Specification

 # Item Tyche 80 Tyche 80 HS Tyche 90 Tyche 90 HS
1 Throughput 35mj  18s/Side 18s/PCS 18s/Side 18s/PCS
2 50mj  35s/Side 35s/PCS 24s/Side 24s/PCS
3 80mj  43s/Side 43s/PCS 30s/Side 30s/PCS
4 Data Resolution 3.0um  3.0um  3.0um  3.0um 
5 Min. Line Width 30um  30um  30um  30um 
6 Alignment Accuracy 12um  12um  12um  12um 
7 Inner Layer Alignment 24um  24um  24um  24um 
8 Light Source 2*10W  4*10W  2*20W  4*20W 
9 Wavelength 405nm 405nm 405nm 405nm
10 Panel Max Dim 600*800mm  550*650mm  600*800mm  550*660mm
11 Tolerance 10%  10%  10% 10%
12 Remark Tyche80HS、Tyche90HS indicate Tyche80、Tyche90 Automation line respectively.