National Development Bank, the Commission by letter of Anhui, Anhui Province Branch Office of Defense leadership visit my company

2014 年 5 19, the National Development Bank (hereinafter referred to as "CDB"), Anhui Province Economic Information Commission (hereinafter referred to as "Provincial Commission by letter"), the Office of Defense Industry of Anhui Province (the "National Defense Science and Industry Provincial Office "), Hefei Economic and technological Development Zone (hereinafter referred to as" City economic Development zone Management Committee ") led his party of 10 people, to visit our company guidance, the company chairman 朱光伟 rate leadership team members warmly welcomed visits group.

Leaders visited the company's R & D center, production site, and listen Zhuzong special reports, in-depth understanding of the company's recovery, industry overview, business strategy. During the visit, the Council reviewed the CDB State Secretary Zhang Zhenyu, deputy director of the Provincial Commission by letter the Office of Defense Industry of Anhui Province Xu Cheng Ran, director, deputy director of the Municipal Economic Development Zone Administrative Committee on customs investigation and report were made important instructions on our research results and industrialization to be sure, the semiconductor equipment industry to fully understand the strategic, military and expand the market expressed strong support.

Finally, the mission requires the full implementation of our production and operation plans, strengthening research, production, sales basis, to thrive, soon to become the leading Chinese semiconductor equipment research and production of the main force to promote the development of national strategic industry faster and better , as well as to contribute to national security.

AdvanTools Semiconductor Co.Ltd.
May 19, 2014