The company produced a comprehensive statement formally resume operations

cause Master Semiconductor Co., Ltd. Hefei core customers, semiconductor and PCB industry colleagues

Hefei core Shuo Semiconductor Co., Ltd. hereby solemnly declare:

Hefei core Shuo Semiconductor Co., Ltd. is the first professional engaged in the research and development of semiconductor direct-write lithography and inspection, PCB direct imaging equipment, production and marketing of high-tech enterprises. Our company was founded in 2006 in Hefei National Economic and Technological Development Zone, with four thousand clean laboratories and more than 30 patents, the Department of the country's first national commitment to develop the whole 02 special task of private enterprises in the industry much attention and praise.

2012 In December 2009, due to the unfortunate death of the former chairman of the company and equity disputes, resulting in the company's production operations are subject to certain extent. With the entry of new investors, the company equity dispute to be solved, the technical backbone of the team has been quick recovery, but also to attract the industry's technology and management to actively join the elite, and the full resumption of production operations in April 11, 2014. Is committed to the "core Master" was founded as the first, the world's leading national brands Lithography struggle.

During the company's production operations are affected, I am in the after-sales service to customers inconvenience, hereby apologize and promise for the affected customers' specific needs, develop individualized service plan.

Hefei core Shuo Semiconductor Co., Ltd. solemnly declare that I have independent intellectual property rights, including, but not limited to patents, trademarks and design results, and other intangible assets, never authorize others to use and implement. For any infringement of our intellectual property rights infringement, the company reserves the right to take legal action.

Hefei core Shuo Semiconductor Co., Ltd. is committed to our customers, our company will continue to invest R & D semiconductor direct-write lithography technology and PCB direct imaging technology, providing customers with cost-effective solutions.

heartfelt thanks to customer support for core Shuo Hefei Semiconductor Co.!