Human Resources

core master is the first international leader in lithography national brands, great sense of national mission, we provide employees an incentive not only work environment, it is a choice for self-improvement. Master the core work just a job, it is a different kind of life! & nbsp;

business has developed rapidly, in urgent need of a lot of talent, talents are welcome to join the staff of the company will provide a broad space for career development, competitive salary and social insurance, training and other benefits. Meanwhile, the company will also focus on creating a business platform for personal development, providing a rapid increase in the development of space for all personnel.


ID Classification post Location Requirements
1 Technology Optical Engineer Hefei
  1. physics, optics, optoelectronics, lasers, testing and other related professionals; English proficiency.
  2. familiar with the principles of fiber optic gyroscope, electronic circuit design, combined with a light machine-related knowledge, and has a deep mathematical skills preferred.
  3. familiar with ZEMAX, TRACE / PRO or other design software, and have the ability to analyze and solve problems is preferred.
  4. large precision optical instruments, lenses and light mechanical design, equipment inspection and organizational management experience and ability is preferred, such as aviation lens microscope.
  5. independent analysis have good problem-solving skills, communication skills, ability.
2 technology Mechanical Engineer Anhui Hefei
  1. machinery, industrial design, mechanical and electrical integration, and other related professionals.
  2. Familiar with ProE or Solidworks; familiar with mechanical principles, mechanical processing technology and related technical standards is preferred.
  3. design and control experience with precision opto-mechanical design, precision mechanical transmission priority.
  4. familiar with mechanical precision machining, assembly, and equipment, anti-vibration performance is preferred.
  5. thinking, active sense of innovation and learning ability, good sense of teamwork, proactive work; English proficiency.
3 Technology Electronics Engineer Hefei
  1. electronics, automatic control and other related professionals; English proficiency.
  2. C language proficiency, VC, or are familiar with embedded systems programmer priority.
  3. skilled FPGA logic design, VHDL language proficiency, understanding ISE priority.
  4. thinking, active sense of innovation and learning ability, good sense of teamwork, proactive work.
  5. Electronic Design Contest participated in several priority.
4 technology Software Engineer Anhui Hefei
  1. computer software, automation, image processing, mathematics and other related professionals.
  2. familiar with C ++ or C #, familiar with XML, UML, can be independently programmed priority.
  3. good object-oriented,analytical, design capacity, engaged in the development of related software designer priority.
  4. thinking, active sense of innovation and learning ability, good sense of teamwork, proactive, hard-working.
  5. has a good mathematical foundation, English proficiency.
5 Finance Treasurer Hefei
  1. Financial Accounting and Bachelor degree or above intermediate accountant.
  2. more than three years in charge of large corporate finance department of work experience.
  3. familiar with financial planning, cost analysis, budgeting, cost accounting and other financial management.
  4. There are financial analysis and practical experience of the implementation of the budget system.
  5. familiar with the country, the relevant international financial, tax, securities, auditing regulations, policies and practices.
  6. skilled use of financial software and other office software.
  7. good professional ethics, responsibility and communication skills, no bad career record; good English.
6 Operations Hydro Engineer Anhui Hefei
  1. hydropower-related engineering professional college education
  2. more than 5 years in industrial projects progress, quality, safety, cost and so on-site construction management experience
  3. have good communication and coordination
  4. Familiar with AutoCAD and office software
  5. responsible for construction management of hydropower system production base project.