Company Overview

Hefei core Shuo Semiconductor Co., Ltd. was established in 2006, the establishment of state-level economic development zone in Hefei, the Department of the first professional research, development and production of semiconductor lithography and inspection equipment, high-end PCB equipment for laser direct imaging (LDI ) of high-tech enterprises, is China's first national commitment to develop the whole 02 special task of private enterprises, with 4 100, 1000 class clean room and 90 patents.


  • China's first semiconductor lithography and inspection equipment manufacturers
  • the first domestic PCB, Packaging LDI equipment manufacturers

  • perfect infrastructure
    • 4 100-level 1000 clean room
    • 52000 m² High standard R & D base
  • professional team
    • National "02 special research team"
    • size of 150 people, 60% master and doctoral
    • domestic and foreign industry elite management team
  • only 02 special national commitment to the development of private enterprises in the whole
    • 130 ~ 65nm lithographic plate-making equipment
    • advanced packaging using LDI equipment